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15 - 17 July 2018, Christ's College, Christchurch

Interactive sessions

When: Monday 16 July
Where: The city walking tour depart's from the foyer of the Christ's College Auditorium. The workshops will be held at Christ's College.
Time: 3.00pm - 5.00pm

Select an interactive workshop OR the city walking tour during the conference registration process. Please note maximum numbers apply.

Interactive workshops

Participants choose one session to attend. 

1. Best Practice: Building excellence in locally delivered infrastructure and services - FULLY BOOKED

Workshop chair:
Albert Brantley, Member, Independent Assessment Board, CouncilMARK™ 

Workshop facilitator:
Peter Crow, Independent Assessor, CouncilMARK™ 

Jim Palmer, Chief Executive and David Ayers, Mayor, Waimakariri District Council
Bill Dalton, Mayor and Wayne Jack, Chief Executive, Napier City Council 
Clive Manley, Chief Executive and Don Cameron, Mayor, Ruapehu District Council
Sandra Hazlehurst, Mayor and Neil Taylor, Acting Chief Executive, Hastings District Council

The CouncilMARK™ Excellence Programme has now been running for two years. One of the key components of the programme is to encourage councils to use the assessment report findings to develop action plans as part of a continuous improvement approach.

Hearing about case studies, and based on the learnings and observations made in the first year of the programme, participants at the workshop will have the opportunity to learn about what good practice looks like across the four priority areas of the programme.

2. Climate change: The challenges of climate change decision making and opportunities for adaption

Workshop chair:
Pippa Coom, Chair, Waitemata Local Board

Mike Meehan, Chief Executive, West Coast Regional Council
Tony Bonne, Mayor, Whakatane District Council
Sandra Goudie, Mayor, Thames-Coromandel District Council

Adapting to the impacts of climate change is a significant challenge and priority focus for local government, iwi and communities.  The way in which communities live and function is already being impacted by climate change, particularly by rising seas and increasing extreme weather events.  All communities will be affected by climate change and councils will face higher costs as infrastructure is enhanced and adapted to address the impacts.  Tough and courageous decisions will have to be made about how existing communities and developments are protected, and where new developments are located.  Those decisions will have impacts on personal lives and private properties.

A number of communities are already taking steps to adapt to the impacts of climate change.  However, there are still a number of barriers that prevent them from doing so.

The purpose of this workshop is to:

  • Discuss the options available to adapt to the impacts of climate change; 
  • Workshop the barriers that are preventing communities from taking adaptive action; and
  • Discuss the support, resources and legal frameworks needed to make effective adaptation decisions.

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3. Water: Working together to protect and improve New Zealand's water and environment

Workshop chair:
Rachel Reese, LGNZ National Council member and Chair, Governance Reference Group Water 2050

Stuart Crosby, Vice President, LGNZ
Jonson Cox, Chair, OFWAT
Allan Prangnell, Partnerships Director, Central/Local Government Partnerships, Department of Internal Affairs
Vaughan Payne, Chief Executive, Waikato Regional Council 
Brian Hanna, Mayor, Waitomo District Council

The Government is reviewing the regulation and delivery of drinking water, stormwater and wastewater.  This is potentially the most significant reform for local government in many years.  

Options being considered include a new, independent regulator for some or all of the three waters. This session will explore what new regulatory arrangements for three waters could mean for local government, what the implications are and how our objectives for better water management can be achieved. 

Under LGNZ's Water 2050 project we have work well underway to feed into the Government's policy development processes.  We will share some of the findings with workshop participants.


City walking tour  Fully booked

Join City Council staff and Elected Members on an intriguing central city tour.  Our compact central city is home to new exciting and innovative architecture, enticing laneways and local precincts where retail mingles with hospitality. The walk-and-talk includes time to chat with developers and stakeholders about the progress of the rebuild, view the integrated Justice and Emergency Services precinct, examples of heritage preservation, and smart and accessible city initiatives.

Key stops along the way include; Christchurch City Council building, Art's Centre, Innovation Precinct, Justice Precinct, Earthquake Memorial Wall, Margaret Mahy Playground and city centre retail and hospitality spots.

Please meet outside Christ's College at 3.15pm. The tour will conclude at the Art's Centre at 4.55pm where you can make your way back to Christ's College or your hotel.

Please ensure you wear comfortable walking shoes and warm clothing, distance covered is 3km. In the case of wet weather the tour will be conducted utilising the city's trams.
Please note numbers for this tour are limited and will be allocated on a first in basis.




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