A/Prof Peter Cathro

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Peter Cathro

Pre Conference course - Mastering Rotary Endodontics

Endodontics can be a technically demanding aspect of dentistry. However, with the continued advancement of technology, the predictability of treatment can be enhanced, along with your enjoyment in providing it.

The aim of this course will be to update participants with some of these advancements and provide useful and practical tips to enhance practitioners confidence when undertaking root canal treatment.

Masterclass - Case selection & access cavities

Access to the entire root canal system is one of the most difficult things to do. This masterclass will focus on the practical aspects of establishing access to the foramen. Participants will be asked to bring some extracted teeth with access cavities cut.

These will be examined under an Operating Microscope and participants can refine the access cavities using Ultrasonic access tips.

The masterclass will also cover the practical steps to establishing working length – with an emphasis on learning some advanced hand filing techniques, followed by rotary NiTi instrumentation.

Endodontic use of Calcium Silicate cements

Recently there is increasing evidence that irreversible pulpitis can often be managed by pulpotomy (rather than pulpectomy), followed by placement of a calcium silicate cement. The case selection, indications and contraindications for vital pulp therapy will be discussed. MTA (Mineral Trioxide Aggregate) is a calcium silicate cement and replaced calcium hydroxide as the “Gold Standard” for pulp capping.

In addition, it has shown to have applications in perforation repair, apexification and root-end surgery procedures. There are new products on the market that are easier to use than MTA and this lecture will provide an update on these new products and how to use them effectively.

Case Selection and Access Cavities

Arriving at a pulpal and periapical diagnosis is often difficult but essential when informing a treatment plan. This lecture will review pulpal and periapical classification systems and highlight some clinical challenges in determining an accurate diagnosis.

Access to the root canal system and ultimately to the foramen is sometimes challenging and frustrating. This lecture will cover tips and tricks to help improve endodontic outcomes.


Peter completed of his MDS in Endodontics in 1994.

Peter worked in full time specialist practice in Melbourne and then in Auckland, New Zealand. Peter later took a position as a Senior Lecturer at Otago University before becoming Head of Discipline at the University of Adelaide for seven years.

In addition to teaching undergraduates and post-graduates, Peter has lectured extensively at national and FDI conference levels and given numerous endodontic hands-on courses throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Peter has recently returned to Otago University with a research interest in microbiology, however maintains an academic appointment with the University of Adelaide.