Dr Dave Excell

Dave Excell

Compliance made easier

This session will present to you how the NZDA new online tool Checkup assists taking much of the burden out of trying to stay compliant with all the various Dental Council Standards.

Checkup is available to all NZDA members at no cost.

Dr Excell will cover the following topics:

  • Dental Council Standards and how Checkup provides an effective task reminder of all that needs to be done.
  • Responsibility vs. Accountability and assigning tasks – sharing the load amongst your staff effectively
  • Why self-audit? Who should do it? And how can you do it effectively?
  • A live demonstration of how this all works
  • Who sees my audit reports and how safe is my data?
  • How to engage the whole dental team to achieve collective compliance


Dave Excell is a general dental practitioner who has been working in private practice in Wellington for the last 20 years, owning a practice in Eastbourne for 16 of those twenty years with his wife Fiona.

During this time he has held numerous positions within the NZDA including; 17 years as a Wellington Branch Committee member, Wellington Region Graduate Professional Development Program Coordinator, Wellington Branch Representative on the NZDA Board and Acting Chair of the Central Region Peer Review Committee.

In more recent years Dave has been a NZDA Board Representative on the NZDA Executive and an Executive Officer of the NZDA and in 2016 he was Inducted as a Fellow of the International College of Dentists.