A/Prof David Roessler


David Roessler

Both lectures below can be attended and are useful in their own right but also give delegates, who are intending to do the hands on course, the background knowledge for the hands on courses.

Digital dentistry - the future has arrived

Our ability to produce accurate long lasting indirect restorations is improving at an ever accelerating pace. Digital impressioning is more reliable and easier than using traditional impression procedures. In addition, CAD-CAM is more accurate, faster and less expensive than ever. These factors allow us to take maximum advantage of modern materials which are biomimetic and can be much thinner than anything we have seen in the past. Combine all of this with the increased reliability and simplicity of modern bonding agents and our tooth preparations can be simpler and more conservative.

This lecture will examine what’s already arrived and where we’re going and how both you, the clinician, as well as your patients will benefit from all these advances.

This lecture is designed to show you how scanning and CAD-CAM Cerec restorations can be used to streamline your practice and improve the quality of your patients’ treatment.

  • Preps to make it last longer and look better
  • Choosing the right materials
  • Better bonding for longevity and strength
  • Cusp coverage made easy
  • Get occlusal contacts which help longevity
  • Simplifying the software to work for you
  • Achieving the best aesthetics

Don’t come unstuck!

It's time to glue your view about indirect restorations.

The biggest factors affecting success with modern indirect restorations are bonding and cementation. Whether it’s an inlay/onlay, a veneer, a creneer or a crown; whether it’s ceramic or a hybrid; the stronger the bond, the higher the success rate and the longer it will last. The workshops will give you the chance to try it yourself and to ask David.

The lecture will help you:

  • Learn the best margin design
  • Find out why hybrid ceramics are now and the future
  • Decide when to cover cusps
  • Get occlusal contacts which help longevity
  • Get a better bond to the tooth and restoration
  • Achieve the best aesthetics


David Roessler has spent most of his career as a Prosthodontist in private practice in Sydney’s CBD. Recently, David has taken the position of Clinical Director of an all new Facility built by the University of Otago, Faculty of Dentistry. The facility has been designed for Final Year students, Postgrads and to deliver state of the art CPD for dentists. David has been a Keynote Speaker at many international conferences and has given more than 1000 lectures, workshops and hands on courses in almost every facet of restorative, fixed and removable prosthodontics, aesthetic and implant dentistry in Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA. He has authored numerous publications and is an invited lecturer and examiner to both undergraduate and graduate students at a number of Universities as well as being an Examiner for the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons. He is a consultant and a trainer for a number of dental companies.