Dr Assil Russell

NZDA Assil Russell

Paediatric trauma- Cat got your tongue? A case review of common and not so common cases

Traumatic dental injuries can be incredibly stressful for both the affected child and their parents. It can also be challenging for the dental team involved, as its management may be complicated, unpredictable, time consuming and difficult in a young child, due to behaviour management considerations and immature tooth development. Being prepared with evidence-based guidelines and knowing how to apply them is the key to achieving successful short and long term treatment outcomes for our Paediatric patients. Join our panelists Arun, Caitlin and Assil on a journey through Paediatric dental trauma looking at a range of cases on topics such as complicated crown fractures, immature vs. mature traumatised teeth and replacement resorption/ankylosis. A focus will be placed on the importance of the multidisciplinary management of complex cases and the key role that general dental practitioners play along the treatment pathway. This interactive session will have you thinking outside the box and introduce you to the contemporary management of dental trauma in children and adolescents, new materials and alternative techniques that you can apply in your practice.


Assil is a specialist Endodontist from Hamilton and owns a specialist private practice (Waikato Endodontics). She graduated with distinction from the University of Otago in 2011. She received several awards including the award for Excellence in Clinical practice and was placed on the Dean's list for her straight A academic record.

Assil has published several papers in reputable peer-reviewed journals including the International Endodontic Journal and Journal of Endodontics. She has been invited to speak at national and international conferences as well as NZ’s Parliament and Premier House.

She founded (and is currently a director of) two dental charities: Revive A Smile and ICARE (Iraqi Children’s Aid and Repair Endeavour) which provide free dentistry to at-need kiwis in NZ and children in Iraq, respectively. Assil is a member of several dental associations and is a fellow of the International College of Dentists.

Her work providing aid to those in need, was recognized by the dental community and she is a previous recipient of the NZDA Outstanding Young Dentist Award.