Dr David Kao



How to make your patients say “Yes”

Learning outcome

  1. Mastering dental photography, how to achieve social media worthy images to aid treatment plan presentation and branding.
  2. Efficient treatment planning
  3. Management of complex rehabilitation cases. In this section, we will take a complex case and discuss step by step from digital planning, documentation, lab communication, soft tissue management and right through to delivery. We will also demonstrate how to place a rubber dam in under 1 minute.
  4. Management of botched cases. Sometimes things just don’t go according to plan, we will discuss patient management and how to avoid escalating complaints.


David, a quiet perfectionist who has gone about his dental journey with the belief that every clinical case should be approached as if it is going to be presented and judged by the greater dental community. “There is no such thing as cosmetic dentistry” he says, “it is simply the byproduct of doing everything right”. Being at the forefront of modern technology, David enjoys mentoring and supporting the new generation.

For those that don’t know David, he is the founder of Christchurch Boutique Dental, a practice built upon his unique artistic philosophy. David is passionate about microscope enhanced treatments, particularly in the fields of biomimetic dentistry, periodontal surgery, endodontics and implant surgery. He is an active member of ITI and gIDE.