Dr David Kao



Reducing stress and unpredictability in daily practice

You are running late, your next patient is annoyed, the gum keeps bleeding and the matrix band won’t stay…sound familiar? In this lecture, Dr David Kao will be sharing techniques and life hacks that he developed over the years to help conquer stressful procedures in our day to day practice as general practitioners. He will cover cases on the following topics:

  1. Deep fillings? Matrix band won’t stay on? Bleeding?
  2. Achieving good interproximal contacts
  3. DME – Deep Marginal Elevation
  4. How to place a rubber dam in under a minute
  5. Back to back inter-proximal restorations
    And much more…

This lecture is designed to help general dentists reduce stress and unpredictability in their daily practice. It is certainly not to be missed.


David, a quiet perfectionist who has gone about his dental journey with the belief that every clinical case should be approached as if it is going to be presented and judged by the greater dental community. “There is no such thing as cosmetic dentistry” he says, “it is simply the by-product of doing everything right”. Being at the forefront of modern technology, David enjoys mentoring and supporting the new generation.

For those that don’t know David, he is the founder of Christchurch Boutique Dental, a practice built upon his unique artistic philosophy. David is passionate about microscope enhanced treatments, particularly in the fields of operative dentistry, periodontal surgery, endodontics and implant surgery.