Dr Peter Cathro

Dr Peter Cathro

Molar endodontics

Endodontic treatment can be incredibly demanding, especially in molar teeth.

The objective of this lecture it to offer practical guidance in the areas of:

  1. Case selection – assess presenting cases and review treatment options
  2. Diagnosis – determination of accurate pulpal and periapical diagnoses
  3. Increased knowledge in determining canal location and glide path predictability
  4. Management of endodontic complications and recognising when to refer


Peter completed of his MDS in Endodontics in 1994.

Peter worked in full time specialist practice in Melbourne and then in Auckland, New Zealand. Peter later took a position as a Senior Lecturer at Otago University (New Zealand) before becoming Head of Discipline at the University of Adelaide for seven years.

In addition to teaching undergraduates and post-graduates, Peter has lectured extensively at national and FDI conference levels and given numerous endodontic hands-on courses throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Peter has recently returned to Otago University with a research interest in microbiology, however maintains an academic appointment with the University of Adelaide.