Dr Ellie Knight

Ellie Knight Shield

What do periodontists do differently?

A description of the content you’ll cover in this lecture

  • Aetiopathogenesis of periodontitis
  • Effective communication with patients
  • When and why surgical treatment may be recommended (we don’t do this as often as you’d think, and I will share why)
  • What do I do?
    • What instruments to debride with, why and how often?
    • Homecare advice
    • Recall period decision


Ellie is a periodontist. She graduated from the University of Otago in 2005, completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Periodontology with Distinction in 2010, and a Doctorate in Clinical Periodontology in 2013.

She was a Colgate Senior Lecturer at the University of Otago, and is currently working as a Professional Fellow in postgraduate clinics.

Majority of her time is spent in private practice, at London Street Specialists, working alongside a hygienist, two prosthodontists, and an orthodontist.

Her research area of interest is in periodontal epidemiology (NZ adults’ periodontal health and disease). She particularly enjoys the artistic aspects of periodontology, such as periodontal plastic surgery.