A/Prof Geraldine Moses

Geraldine Moses

Update on antibiotic use in dentistry – much is changing!

Antibiotics are perhaps most frequently prescribed drugs in dentistry. This occurs despite guidelines stating antibiotics should be restricted to adjunct use only, secondary to dental treatment where possible. Increasing antimicrobial prescribing in dentistry has prompted academic attention to the principles of Antimicrobial Stewardship. As a result, significant changes have occurred in the literature to recommended protocols for antibiotic prophylaxis and treatment, both in the choice of drugs used but also the dosage, duration and frequency. Drug choice for people who claim antibiotic allergy has also dramatically changed. Additional changes included in the new Australian Therapeutic Guidelines – Oral and Dental will be outlined in this talk.

Safety of dental drugs in pregnancy and lactation

How do we ever know the safety of medicines in pregnancy and breastfeeding? Medico-legal restrictions often make manufacturer’s product information an inaccurate source of information. Academic research is stymied by ethical and financial limitations. Lack of good information and plentiful misinformation often leads to patients to inappropriately cease medicines during pregnancy and prescribers to inappropriately advise mothers to discontinue breastfeeding even though the medication may be safe. In this presentation Geraldine will outline the principles of drug safety in pregnancy and breastfeeding, how to work this out.


Geraldine Moses is a regular contributor to the NZDA News and a clinical pharmacist who provides a national drug information and advisory service to members of the Australian Dental Association called “Pharma-Advice”. She also holds the position of Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Pharmacy, University of Queensland and continues to work part-time as a consultant clinical pharmacist at the Mater Public Hospital in Brisbane.

She also consults to various organisations in Australia such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Commission for Safety in Quality in Health Care, and NPS MedicineWise.

A frequent speaker at seminars and conferences, Geraldine is well known within her profession and has received many awards including in 2002 Australian Pharmacist of the Year, 2013 she received ADAQ’s Medal of Merit and became a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in the 2019 Australia Day Honours.