Greg Jones


Greg Jones

Dental surgery equipment servicing and maintenance

This session will outline the recommended and/or required servicing regime for dental surgery equipment covering topics such as:

  • Annual servicing requirements for autoclaves
  • Maintaining your handpieces and using a handpiece oiling machine
  • Servicing your dental chair, your number one asset in practice
  • Servicing your compressor and suction. The invisible powerhouse in your surgery
  • Servicing your x-ray machines and getting ready for the ORS Audit

Tips and tricks to extend the life of your surgery equipment


Greg Jones has a long track record in change management across a range of industries. With focus on sales strategies, system simplification and product development. Not being from the Dental Industry allows him the ability to “test the logic” of how things are done, with an eye on continuous improvement whilst enhancing the customer experience and consistent delivery of service.

With a post-graduate Diploma in Finance and marketing, Greg is also an Associate Fellow of the NZ Institute of Management and a Member of the Institute of Directors.