Hēmi Kelly

NZDA Sheild Images 2022 Hemi Kelly

Te Reo Māori in dental practice

In this session, Hēmi will introduce greetings and farewells and other handy words and phrases that can be used in Dental Practice. He will also provide time for participants to ask questions about the use of te reo and tikanga Māori in Dental Practice.


Hēmi Kelly (Ngāti Maniapoto, Ngāti Tahu–Ngāti Whāoa) is an author, licensed translator and teacher of te reo Māori. He is involved in Māori language planning and revitalisation initiatives in a number of organisations. Hēmi translated Witi Ihimaera’s novella Sleeps Standing and the world acclaimed novel The Alchemist into Māori.

He published his first book A Māori Word a Day in 2018 and his second book A Māori Phrase a Day in 2020. Hēmi is the director of Tautika Ltd, a Māori language consultancy and the creator of Everday Māori, a social media platform that shares te reo Māori learning content.