Infection Prevention & Sterilisation

Infection Prevention & Sterilisation

Presenter: Megan Sharpe

Time: 10.00am - 6.00pm

Venue: Shed 6

Cost: $395 NZDA Members | $295 Dental Team

About the course

Calling all Infection Prevention Coordinators, Dental Assistants, OHTs, and Dentists. The knowing and the doing can be challenging to align!

Register for this full day workshop and update your Infection Prevention and Control knowledge with a focus on the ‘what’ to do, the ‘why’ it should be done, and the ‘how’ to do it!

COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of Standard or Transmission Based Precautions to protect both patients and staff. We have been reminded how easily a virus can be transmitted and the focus required to manage aerosols in the clinical environment.

Practical implementation is included in this workshop with work stations set up for several of the topics, including;

  • PPE – appropriate choice of products, understanding mask standards, face shields, mask permeability, glove porosity, donning and doffing procedure
  • Hand Hygiene – light box with fluorescent hand sanitiser
  • Impression management
  • Surface management
  • Methods of transmission activity – bacteria and viruses
  • Instrument reprocessing and management – packaging, instrument audit
  • Performance Requalification – annual in practice process and documentation

There will also be a review of documents required, including;

  • Risk assessment and Patient screening
  • Policy & Procedures Manual
  • MSDS review
  • Validation paperwork review: Performance Qualification and Performance Requalification process