John Thompson


John Thompson

Patient credit and debt collection issues in dental practices

A session that explores and dissects the downward spiral of customers not paying. Starting with the need for dentistry to offer credit, we look at the issues that arise and how matters degenerate into credit control frustrations and ultimately the why’s and how’s of playing the debt collection card. It’s an exhilarating story of money and often involves drugs and sex, that will have you captivated, leaving you appalled with the irresponsibility of some people and impressed with the debt collector!


For the past 10 years, John has been the General Manager of Account Collections, a debt collection firm that manages the debt of 132 dentistry practices in NZ, several national power companies and a host of other businesses and organisations. Prior to that he ran his own debt factoring business and has managerial experience and training in legal and marketing disciplines.

Married with two children, John enjoys both river and sea fishing, and reading history.