Dr Joseph Antoun

Jo Antoun Shield

Digital Dental Photography

Learning to take great clinical photos in your practice is likely to be one of the best investments you will make – from treatment planning to patient education, the benefits of dental photography are immense.

This introductory 2-hour MasterClass is designed to introduce you to the wonderful world of digital dental photography and involves both theoretical and hands-on components. Please note that no background information on the topic is needed.

While some camera equipment will be available to trial, participants are encouraged to bring along their own camera systems for the hands-on component.


  • A quick guide for taking high-quality clinical photos
  • Useful tips and tricks, and how to avoid common pitfalls


  • Compare the different camera systems available
  • Test-drive the latest line-up of cameras and accessories used in dental photography

Orthodontics and Periodontics: Friends or Foes?

The interaction between malocclusions, orthodontic tooth movement and the periodontium is highly relevant in clinical practice. This presentation will focus on the impact of selected malocclusions and the effects of orthodontic treatment on the periodontal tissues. Some of the effects of uncontrolled orthodontic forces on the periodontal tissues will also be discussed. Utilising a case-based approach, the presentation will highlight situations when orthodontics and the periodontium can be friends or foes.


Joseph Antoun received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery and Doctorate in Clinical Dentistry (Orthodontics) from the University of Otago. He currently divides his time between Christchurch (private practice) and Dunedin (Senior Lecturer at the University of Otago).

Joe is interested in digital technologies that can be used in clinical practice and has a particular interest in dental photography. He firmly believes that good clinical photography can play a fundamental role in treatment planning, patient education and professional development. In addition to documenting every case in his own clinical practice, Joe has been teaching dental photography to both undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Otago for the past seven years and has also lectured on this topic overseas.