Joseph Fitzgerald


Joseph Fitzgerald Shield

Data protection and cybersecurity

Cyber security and data privacy are key concerns for modern medical practices of all kinds, including dental. Given our reliance on information technology it is increasingly important we are aware of cyber and data risks and how to respond when things go wrong.

In this session Joseph Fitzgerald, a lawyer in Wotton + Kearney’s cyber and data risks practice, will address:

  • common cyber and data threats and how to identify them;
  • how to respond when you experience a cyber or data incident;
  • case examples illustrating cyber and data incident response in practice;
  • the requirements of the new Privacy Act 2020, that came into force on 1 December 2020.

This session will provide practical examples and tips that should help you identify common cyber and data risks and equip you with knowledge to help you respond.


Joseph is a Senior Associate at law firm Wotton + Kearney. His practice focuses predominantly on cybercrime, data privacy and information security.

Joseph has extensive experience in cyber and data incident response, including managing data breaches, ransomware and malware infections, network compromises, physical data theft and social engineering frauds. His work extends to running client notification campaigns and representing clients in regulatory investigations and associated claims following cyber and data incidents.

Joseph is here today to speak about the cyber and privacy risks facing healthcare professionals and how you might seek to handle them