Dr Katie Ayers


Katie Ayers

Light at the end of the tunnel

Over the course of this year, as we emerged out of lockdown, the saying “Hindsight is 2020” became quite popular. For many people, reflecting on our daily lives and habits has allowed for a new vision of our future. In this session, Katie will reflect on the year that has been and the challenges facing our oral health professions daily, including COVID-19, political agendas, government funding and regulatory changes to scopes of practice. To look forward, one must look back, and Katie will share some nuggets of hope and a view towards the light at the end of the tunnel.


Katie is currently the president of the NZDA. She spends her practising hours as a paediatric dentist in her Hamilton and Tauranga clinics, and is also the Approving Dental Officer and Oral Health Advisor to the 5 Midland District Health Boards. With a Masters degree in Paediatric Dentistry and PhD in Dental Public Health, she has broad interests in dentistry and has also undertaken post-graduate study in Governance in order to assist her with her Board roles. During her time as NZDA president, Katie’s focus is ‘For the Common Good” – demonstrating her goal of providing support for peers, patients, and communities.