Kieran Bird


Kieran Bird

Keeping positive: The 14 ‘secrets’ of the slow release dopamine diet

Dentistry is a famously stressful profession. The intense requirement for attention-to-detail couple with difficult, emotional or non-compliant patients all take a toll over time. This session explains the ’14 ‘secrets’ of the slow release dopamine diet’ described in Kieran T. Bird’s new book ‘Unshakeable Self-Confidence’. The fourteen techniques enable maintaining a positive, happy mental state and are based on the latest research, and include some breakthrough concepts and tools enabling clinicians to more easily focus on delivering excellent patient healthcare outcomes.


Is an independent professional speaker and trainer. Most recently he was the Marketing and Client Care Manager for William Buck.

Following 18 years working in the USA, Canada and the UK, Kieran returned to New Zealand in 2010. He then worked for three years with the New Zealand Institute of Management (now IMNZ) creating and running workshops on soft skills including negotiation, and communication and presentation skills.

He is the author of:

PersonaPR: The End of the Cold Call Era (2004)

Unshakeable Self-Confidence (2018)

Kieran studied Psychology at Waikato University, Marketing at Massey and Adult Education and Training at the New Zealand Institute of Management.