Matteo Moro


Matteo Moro shield

A lens between you and the patient: Intra oral photography

  • camera settings for specific intra oral photography
  • color transfer: communication color & laboratory
  • digital shade mapping: the importance of cross polarized filter
  • digital try-in: collaborate beyond distance


Matteo Moro was born in Italy in 1973.

He began his career by completing his studies in Dental Technology in 1995.

He immediately specialized on fix restoration and ceramic rehabilitation on anterior region.

He then attended seminars and courses held by famous professionals of the sector in Italy and Europe and worked in renowned laboratories as a dental ceramist gaining additional work experience.

Since 2000 he has been focusing his work and passion on dental aesthetics and cosmetics, completed in-depth studies on the shade, anatomy and morphology perfecting his style of natural tooth simulation.

Since 2003 he has been interested in macro photography using his new knowledge in his work.

In 2006 Matteo, Elena, Raffaele and Gianluca decided to move overseas and live in New Caledonia in 2006 and then New Zealand in 2007.

Member of NZDC and NZACD, since November 2009 Matteo and his wife Elena (Dental Technician too), are the owners of the laboratory ICON.MORO. They live and work in Wellington - New Zealand.