Nathaniel McTaggart

NZDA Sheild Images 2022 Nathaniel Mc Taggart

Implementing 3D printing in healthcare

Health care institutions all over the world have been utilising technologies such as 3D printing for years and New Zealand is just scratching the surface of what the technology is capable of. I have been creating anatomical models consistently for the maxillofacial department since November 2019 helping aid in over 160 surgeries.

The anatomical models aid in the planning/discussion of cases such as ameloblastoma, zygomatic implant planning, and the most common 3D model request being orbital “Blow out” fractures. I was able to get the ball rolling and begin my journey to create the 3D technologies facility at Auckland DHB through the collaboration with institutions such as Canterbury DHB and University of Auckland CDAM Lab.


Nathaniel is a biomedical design engineer at Auckland DHB and is studying part time at Tech Futures Lab where he is pursuing a master’s degree in Technological Futures.

He has a passion for increasing awareness, accessibility, and adoption of 3D printing technology in all sectors with a particular interest for the healthcare industry.

He was awarded the Allied Health Scientific and Technical Innovation Award for his contribution to Auckland DHB when he established the in-house 3D technologies facility at Auckland City Hospital in 2018. He develops and creates solutions for problems clinical staff have had, through various 3D printing methods.

In addition to this he has been consistently creating anatomical models since November 2019, aiding the maxillofacial department in over 150 surgeries.