Dr Rob Beagehole

NZDA Sheild Images 2022 Dr Rob Beaglehole

Community Water Fluoridation and Sugar

Rob will update attendees on the current state of Community Water Fluoridation after the successful passing of government legislation giving the Director General of Health decision making authority over fluoridating water supplies. Rob will also highlight areas where NZDA is working to reduce sugary drink consumption.

Oral health advocacy workshop

Come along to hear what advocacy is all about, what the NZDA is up to in this space and how you can become a successful advocate. Attendees will come away with an understanding of the techniques of advocacy and how to apply them in real life situations.


Rob has a dental degree and is a Dental Public Health Specialist. He has worked as a clinical dentist, a public health policy analyst for the World Dental Federation in Geneva and more recently as the Senior Political Advisor to the Minister of Health in Parliament.

Currently, Rob is the National Public Health Advocate for the DHB Chairs and Chief Executives. He is also the New Zealand Dental Association Spokesperson.

Rob has been instrumental in firmly placing the dangers of sugary drinks on the national agenda, including helping to initiate policies where no sugary drinks are sold at Hospitals, some Councils and many schools around New Zealand and the World Health Organization in Geneva.

Rob has also been intimately involved with the NZDA’s Community Water Fluoridation advocacy project which successfully advocated for the adoption of the Health (Fluoridation of Drinking Water) Amendment Bill in 2021, a major win for NZDA.