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Amelia Seselja

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Amelia is the Academic Affairs Manager for Colgate South Pacific and holds a Bachelor of Oral Health from the University of Queensland and a Master of Business Administration from Flinders University. As an Oral Health Therapist, she has worked in a diverse range of settings including general and specialist practice, not-for-profit, corporate and within the university setting. Amelia has a strong passion for sharing her knowledge and experience educating undergraduate students and the dental profession.

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Dentist scientific programme & Oral Health Therapists, Dental Therapists and Hygienists day

How to Apply Best Practice and Put a Stop to White Spots

Our patients are at risk of caries throughout their life stages, and understanding the windows of opportunity for caries prevention for at risk dentitions is pivotal in the prevention of this disease. The White Spot Lesion (WSL) is the first clinical sign of enamel caries lesions, and must be identified and managed, waiting and watching is not an option.

The use of fluorides both in surgery and at home, plays a central role in the prevention of dental caries and particularly in the reversal of the WSL, however their use may be still less than ideal in dental care.

This session will explore the lifecycle of caries management, with a key focus on white spot lesions and how fluoride and prevention management is the most effective.

Learning outcomes:

  • Review the lifecycle of caries management and the windows of opportunity for caries prevention in children & adults;
  • Understand how to prevent and manage caries and recognise that compliance is the key;
  • Explore the clinical application and efficacy for product use (evidence based practice).