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Amy Lawson

NZDA23 Amy Lawson

Amy is an HR Consulting Manager with EQ Consultants. With her background and experience in transforming both start-up and well-established businesses in various industries, Amy is well placed to make a positive difference. She has proven experience in leading numerous multi-site companies to achieve consistent results and exceed expectations.

With degrees in both Human Resources and Business Information Systems, Amy is passionate about aligning people, business and technology by using pragmatic approaches to resolving people-related challenges. She thrives on using her leadership and lateral thinking skills to enable a culture of innovation. Amy believes in giving people the opportunity to learn and enjoys being part of people’s journey to help them flourish and shine. She enjoys challenges and is inspired in an environment of constant change.

Team day programme

Our Future Workplace - Human Resources & the Rise of AI

Human Resources and the Rise of AI: Amy will explore the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in HR processes. Discover how AI is transforming recruitment, employee engagement, performance management, and talent development. Uncover the benefits, challenges, and ethical considerations of utilizing AI in HR, while emphasizing the evolving role of HR professionals in this changing landscape.