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Dhairesh Patel

NZDA23 Dhairesh Patel

Dhairesh is a senior clinical advisor on the Hira Programme, with a background in pharmacy. He has a wealth of experience in health informatics, clinical pharmacy and medication safety, and has led a number of successful initiatives in these areas.

Prior to his current role, Dhairesh was the lead pharmacist for the Medicines Management Programme at Counties Manukau Health. In this role, he was responsible for leading the implementation of ePrescribing and administration across the hospital. He was also involved in the roll out of new infusion pumps and the creation of drug libraries during a global shortage of IV lines.

Dhairesh is a strong believer in system-based improvements, and has seen first-hand the impact that these can have on patient safety. He is currently working on digital clinical safety, privacy management, API design and engagement within Hira, and is passionate about using technology to improve the way healthcare is delivered.