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Dr Anikó Ball

NZDA23 Aniko Ball

Practising in general dentistry, periodontics and dental sleep medicine, Anikó suffered frequent neck, back and shoulder pain for decades. Doctors and physical therapists offered short-term symptom relief without identifying her condition as work related.

Eventually Anikó was helped by the Inner Ergonomic principles of the Alexander Technique. She recognized and changed harmful work-postures, learned about biomechanical design and got well.

With the intention of saving her colleagues from suffering, Anikó undertook a 1600-hour in-person training course at the Melbourne Alexander School and founded Optimum Dental Posture.

Anikó’s mission is to reduce the incidence of occupational chronic pain in dentistry. She has been a presenter at ADA Congresses and CPD courses.

Trained in mind-body calming techniques and Inner Ergonomics, Anikó provides training in ‘Ergonomics & Wellness in Dentistry’ Workshops and ‘In-house Ergonomic Training’ as well as ‘Stress Management in the Clinic’ for the whole dental team.

Anikó’s vision is the integration of ‘Inner Ergonomics & Wellness’ training in dental schools.

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