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Dr Annalene Weston

NZDA23 Annalene Weston

Dr Annalene Weston is a Dentolegal Consultant for Dental Protection Australia. She is the first point of contact for members, providing colleague to colleague support and advice. Annalene completed her undergraduate dental degree and vocational training in the UK, and worked in the NHS and private dentistry for four years before immigrating to Australia in 2003. She has worked across three Australian states, in both private and public dentistry, and gained her Masters in Health Law through the University of Sydney, Faculty of Law in 2008.

Annalene was awarded a Fellowship to the American College of Dentistry in 2016 and a Fellowship to the Pierre Fauchard Academy in 2019 in recognition of her strong work in ethics and collegiate support. She became a Fellow of the International College of Dentistry in 2020. Until recently Annalene was practising in Central Queensland and serving on the local HCC; however, she is now based in Brisbane and, in addition to her role with Dental Protection, Annalene works part-time in a suburban dental practice.

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Nice Guys Finish Last?

Risk management has many faces, some which are intuitive and some which require focus and dedication to achieve. Despite our best-efforts mistakes can occur and complaints can arise, and these can carry great personal cost – there is a reason we call the practitioner ‘the second victim’ on any adverse outcome.

In this presentation, we will focus on human behaviours and the role of the most basic of human actions in keeping our patients, our workplaces and ourselves safe.