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Dr David Ko

NZDA24 David Ko

David is a periodontist practicing in Christchurch.

He obtained his BDS degree from the University of Otago and subsequently pursued specialized training in Periodontology, obtaining his registration as a periodontist in 2015.

David provides a wide range of treatments, including periodontal surgeries and implant-related procedures.

He has a deep passion for imparting knowledge, regularly conducting educational sessions for dentists and hygienists through his established study clubs in Christchurch.

Dentist Programme

Crown lengthening surgery : A step-by-step guide for general dentists

Crown lengthening is a fundamental skill set for dentists aiming to save borderline teeth that’s encountered daily. This lecture offers in-depth insights into its indications, contraindications, and procedural techniques, empowering practitioners to apply this essential skill in everyday restorative dentistry.

Oral Health Therapist, Dental Therapist & Hygienist Programme

In-house peri-implantitis management by general dentists and hygienists

Dental implants have become a highly popular treatment for missing teeth, yet maintenance is often overlooked. This lecture will teach GDPs and hygienists on how to prevent, diagnose, and also treat peri-implantitis, ensuring optimal implant survival.