NZDA Conference and Exhibition Postponed - message to sponsors and exhibitors

Thank you so much for your participation as a valued sponsor and or exhibitor at the NZDA Conference. We really appreciate the industry support for this event in what are uncertain times.

The Conference takes many months of planning, involves many speakers (nationally and internationally), many sponsors, partners, venue arrangements, AV contractors, hotels, caterers….

Emerging from lockdown several months ago, with very encouraging immediate registrations for the event confirming members were looking forward to the Conference, and getting together face to face along with all the hands on components of the programme we were feeling very positive that we could make a really good event happen.

The recent and almost certain ongoing use of Level 2 (events limited to 100 people) restrictions has hugely altered the risk profile. This along with the increased chance of huge financial loss, moves things into an unacceptable zone.

I thank all the team at NZDA and at Conference Innovators who have worked to ‘rejig’ this major event a number of times, through a number of venues and locations and am really very disappointed to announce we will need to postpone the Conference until 2021.

What happens from here

The NZDA as underwriters of the event will meet the existing liabilities and as such will refund to you your entire sponsorship and or exhibition fee. Please allow us to sort these refunds over the next month as the exhibition was almost fully subscribed and a large number of sponsors were involved.

Preconference courses – Sunday 11 October – THESE WILL STILL HAPPEN

  • Infection Prevention and Sterilisation
  • Sedation beyond Midazolam
  • Endodontic Challenges and Solutions

Given these will be limited to under 100 participants we will continue to run these.

2021 NZDA Conference Christchurch – 17 – 19 September

With such a good Conference programme and huge support from the industry this year it is very much hoped that we will present most, if not all the arranged speakers and hands-on courses at next year’s event. This being a postponement rather than cancelation. All speakers are being contacted by NZDA staff over the next few days.

In summary, we did everything we could to have our Conference and Exhibition happen and our very real hopes are that this exceptional but postponed programme and exhibition will entice your support and attendance next year.

Kind regards,

David Crum
Chief Executive | NZDA

Ivo Stand
Colgate stand
2016 10 29 MT 0187