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Dr Kristine Aadland

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NZDA24 Kristine Aadlan

Dr Kristine opened her first practice during the longest economic downturn since World War II. Was there magic in her approach? Not at all. She is a technology geek who is dental phobic, so she combined the best technology available with a patient-first approach and grew her practice into what it is today.

Kris’s practice has a digital technology flow that honors patient’s busy schedules and has brought exponential growth to her business. She began to lecture when she discovered that very few women stood behind the podium. 'Become the change you want to see' has become a personal mantra for her as she encourages other women to engage in the educational side of dentistry.

Kris most often lectures on digital technology, but one of her favorite educational courses is live patient training. This training combines high technology workflows with doctors creating same day smiles for those in need. Never a dry eye at the end of the day, she found a way to combine her love of this industry into an educational format that empowers doctors and changes the lives of those we serve.

Although most days you can find her either in her practice or on a stage, you can also find her at Titanium Winery in the Napa Valley. Co-owned with her fiancé, Dr Justin Moody, their first vintage will hit the market in 2025. Their hope is that you will enjoy it with loved ones and create lifetime memories.

Dentist Programme

In-Office Chairside Restorations- What’s possible and what’s practical

It wasn’t long ago that being a digital dentist meant we used digital radiographs and possibly no paper charts. Today, digital dentistry has an array of meaning from CAD/CAM design, in-house milling and 3D printing. What does this mean for general practitioners and specialists? Let’s find out! We will be discussing different workflows for a variety of services including same day restorations, implants, ortho, and sleep apnea.

We will spend our time learning what the difference is between in-house milling and 3D printing and different possibilities for these fabrication techniques. Digital dentistry is moving rapidly; let’s see what is possible and could work for your practice!


  1. Discuss technologies available in the modern dental practice and the expanded services associated with those.
  2. Learn the difference between in-office milling possibilities and 3D printing possibilities.
  3. Learn realistic workflows for your practice.

Dentist Programme

Efficiency techniques to increase the esthetics of chairside restorations

This lecture will focus on efficient and consistent steps to enhance your chairside restorations starting from prep techniques to contouring and staining and glazing. The goal is for you to gain step-by-step instructions that you can implement in your own office increasing not only the patient experience but your love for what we do every day.


  1. Overall procedure strategy to increase efficiencies for chairside restorations.
  2. Contouring techniques to create the illusion of a “natural” restoration.
  3. Staining and glazing tips for chairside anterior restorations that can be applied to resin or ceramic materials.

Dentist Programme

Why do I use that??

How do you pick the material for your restorations? New materials continue to flood the market in the chairside CAD/CAM world as well as the lab world. Are materials all the same? Is there one material that can do it all? Can we use these new materials to approach our day-to-day dentistry differently? Let’s explore the options that are available and the unique properties that materials present. We will focus specifically on the differences between zirconia, lithium disilicate, resin/ceramic hybrids and feldspathic porcelains.


  1. Understand the differences between the types of materials available today.
  2. Discuss strategies of what material to use when and where.
  3. Discuss optimal lab communication to create a natural looking restoration.

Dentist Programme

Todays Single Unit Implant Restorations

Implants are becoming more prevalent every day as the standard of care for tooth replacement. With this prevalence also comes advances in materials and solutions.

We will explore the possibilities for screw retained crowns, custom abutments with crowns, angled screw access and temporary restorations. We will discuss when to use variable height ti-bases as it relates to implant depth and soft tissue height for better emergence profile options, as well as how having more control over the final outcome will make us all better practitioners. Our patients today want the best technology for their care, delivered in a safe and efficient manner. Let’s provide that for them!


  1. Learn the possibilities available for implant restorations today.
  2. Learn what variable tibases can do to improve emergence profile.
  3. Discuss optimal lab communication to provide the best chance for successful tooth replacement.