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Dr Leanne Teoh

NZDA24 Leanne Teoh

Dr Leanne Teoh is a Senior Lecturer of Dental Therapeutics at the University of Melbourne, and a practising dentist and registered pharmacist. Her research focus is on various aspects of medicine use in dentistry and dental prescribing practices. She co-authored the Therapeutic Guidelines Oral and Dental Version 2, is on the editorial board for the journal BMC Oral Health, and is the current Vice Chair of the Australian Dental Association Therapeutics Committee. She is a lecturer and coordinator for the dental therapeutics program for the Doctor of Dental Surgery and Bachelor of Oral Hygiene courses at the Melbourne Dental School. She is also the current chair of the Global Antibiotic Resistance Dental Network for the FDI World Dental Federation.

As an invited speaker, Leanne has presented both locally and internationally in various forums, including the Therapeutic Goods Administration, FDI World Dental Federation and International Association for Dental Research.

Leanne has received several awards and scholarships, including the Rowden White Scholarship, International College of Dentists Community Oral Health Award, and the Ernest Joske Award at Melbourne Dental School for research impact and publications. She has published over 30 peer-reviewed articles and recently co-authored the book ‘Handbook of Dental Therapeutics’.

Dentist Programme

The do’s and don’ts of prescribing analgesics in dentistry

Managing dental pain is an integral part of clinical practice. This presentation will cover commonly recommended medicines including anti-inflammatories and opioids for postoperative inflammatory dental pain, and detail their current recommendations, appropriate use, limitations and adverse effects. Dental opioid prescribing patterns and choices will be presented, as well as the latest evidence to demonstrate the effectiveness of opioids for dental pain. The importance of appropriate prescribing of these drugs in the context of the opioid crisis and misuse of prescription drugs will also be highlighted.