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Dr Nick Fahey

NZDA24 Nick Fahey

Nick graduated from Otago Dental School New Zealand in 1994 and spent 3 years in private practice before travelling to the UK.

Nick’s first 15 years in practice in the UK were spent in London’s West End. During that time, he completed an MClinDent in Prosthodontics at The Eastman Dental School. He then completed further qualifications - MFDS RCS, MRD RCS, and FRACDS which allowed him to become a GDC Registered Specialist in Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics.

Nick established Woodborough House Dental Practice with his wife in 2005. Nick oversees a team of 14 clinicians of Specialists, GDPs and dental therapists and hygienists, who share his passion for delivering comprehensive, multidisciplinary dentistry. Together, the Woodborough team have won multiple dental awards in the UK.

Nick is most recognized for his pioneering work in digital dentistry, using cutting-edge technologies such as CBCT, intra-oral scanning and virtual implant planning software to revolutionize computer-guided surgery techniques. He has delved into "real-time" guided surgical navigation and is now utilising recent innovations such as 3D facial scanning and Modjaw jaw analysis to provide facially driven dental rehabilitation.

Nick is a fellow of the ITI, where he serves as a study club director and mentor, fostering professional development within the dental community. Nick is passionate about education and lectures internationally, sharing insights on computer-guided surgery and virtual implant planning. Nick recently completed his book ‘Guided Surgery – Making Implant Placement Simpler', a seminal work that underscores his lifelong dedication to advancing dental techniques and methodologies.

Nick is the co-founder of the Fitz Fahey Academy, which boasts an international faculty of clinicians, dedicated to empowering dental professionals through mentorship and interdisciplinary teaching.

Nick’s career is marked by innovation, education, and unwavering dedication to patient care. His vision is “to change lives through smiles” and he continues to be passionate about shaping the future of dentistry on a global scale.

Dentist Programme

Guided Surgery: Making Implant Placement Simpler.

Guided surgery represents a significant advancement in implant dentistry, yet its widespread adoption has been gradual despite its presence in the field for some time. This lecture endeavors to advocate for the integration of computer-guided surgery into implant placement protocols.

We will elucidate the compelling rationale behind incorporating virtual planning tools prior to surgical intervention, emphasizing the concept of restoratively driven implant placement. Exploring the manifold benefits of guided surgery, we aim to underscore its clinical advantages, facilitating precise implant placement and enhancing treatment outcomes.

Moreover, we will navigate the evolving landscape of guided surgery technology, shedding light on its promising trajectory and its potential to revolutionize the practice of implant dentistry. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the transformative potential of guided surgery and its role in simplifying implant placement procedures.

Dentist Programme

“The Boy from New Zealand – From Wairoa to Harley Street, a 30-year perspective”

Initially hesitant about pursuing dentistry as a career, I embarked on a journey that has spanned three decades, leading me from my humble beginnings in Wairoa to fascinating opportunities within the dental profession. Reflecting on this trajectory, I attribute much of my success to my New Zealand heritage and the renowned "thinking outside the box" mentality ingrained in Kiwis.

This lecture delves into the insights gained over the years, exploring how my Kiwi roots and unconventional approach have shaped my professional path. From navigating the challenges of early practice to embracing innovative techniques, each step has contributed to a fulfilling career that has transcended geographical boundaries.

Join me as I share anecdotes and lessons learned, offering a unique perspective on dentistry influenced by the spirit of New Zealand.

Dentist Programme

Human Factors

An Introduction to Human Factors

How Aviation has implemented human factor training to optimise human performance and improve customer safety

How can we apply human factors in Dentistry to do the same?

Dentist Programme

No Dentist is an Island - Building a Great Team

Whether you are an associate, a one man band, or a practice owner you are only as good as your team.

Our experience of growing a team from 7 to 50 people and winning Team of the Year 2023 - all thanks to our fantastic team!

Dentist Programme

Dental Implants: What every Dentist should know

In the ever-evolving landscape of dentistry, staying abreast of the latest advancements is paramount. This lecture, titled "Dental Implants: What every Dentist should know " aims to equip practitioners with updated insights and techniques concerning the placement and restoration of dental implants.

Since the groundbreaking work of Prof. Branemark in establishing osseointegration, dental professionals have wielded the transformative power of dental implants to significantly improve patients' quality of life. This presentation will serve as a comprehensive update on the current best practices in implant dentistry.

Attendees can expect to gain a nuanced understanding of crucial aspects such as patient eligibility criteria for dental implant treatment, available options for implant-supported restorations, principles guiding case selection, and the vital importance of post-treatment maintenance.

By the conclusion of this lecture, participants will have a heightened proficiency in navigating the complexities of implant dentistry, empowering them to make informed decisions and deliver optimal care to their patients.