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Dr Sarah Anticich

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NZDA24 Sarah Anticich

Dr Sarah Anticich is a Clinical Psychologist with more than 17 years experience working in public and private practice across New Zealand and Australia. Sarah is committed to helping others navigate the often overwhelming demands of the busy world we live in, as we juggle competing demands and strive to prioritise our own wellbeing.

A passionate believer in the science of positive psychology and wellbeing, she translates up to date science and psychology theory into real-life strategies and techniques to help people of all ages and from all backgrounds to live more meaningful and healthier lives.

Prior to completing her Clinical Psychology Diploma (University of Canterbury) and PhD (University of Queensland), Sarah completed a Master’s degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology and worked in Human Resources. This broad experience has given Sarah a unique lens into the psychology of both organisations and individuals across many different settings.

Dentist Programme

The Lawrie Croxson Memorial Lecture

Science-Based Approach to Everyday Excellence & Sustainable Wellbeing in Dental Practice

This workshop presents a science-based framework for achieving Everyday Excellence and sustainable wellbeing in the field of Dentistry. Based on empirically validated theories of wellbeing, participants will be introduced to the foundational Pillars of Wellbeing: attention, connection, intentional daily action, self-determination, and reflection.

A key focus of the workshop is on Microsteps, scientifically proven techniques for habit formation and behavior change. These incremental actions, supported by research, have been shown to yield both immediate and enduring benefits to participants' professional and personal lives.

Practical tools, such as the "Internal Mirror," will be provided to facilitate self-reflection and regulation. Participants will be encouraged to establish Microsteps tailored to their unique circumstances, fostering tangible progress towards their professional and personal goals.

Join us for an evidence-based exploration of how integrating these pillars and Microsteps into your daily practice can lead to sustained excellence and enhanced wellbeing in the demanding field of Dentistry.